How Much Can I Fit Into One Week?

In the past week I have finished my grad school semester, completed a language interview, booked travel for staging (more about that later), fought getting sick, had a farewell happy hour event at work, packed up my apartment, and moved back to my parent’s house…is it bedtime yet?

Let’s rewind a bit. While writing all sorts of papers and preparing for class presentations, I tried to review my beginner Spanish phrases and polite, formal introductory conversations for my language interview (Hola,cómo está used?), which will be used to decide my training level. The interview happened on Tuesday morning, which was funny because until Monday night I was convinced my interview was on Wednesday. Did I say funny? Good thing I double checked! The interview itself was on the phone with a very nice gentleman who waited patiently as I took minutes to construct simple sentences and was willing to repeat things often. Overall, it took about 25 minutes.

IMG_2725With that switch, Wednesday morning was my last EiE Run Club (see awesome people to the right). One more jaunt around the Esplanade on the Charles River. Jason, the red hat in the back, did Peace Corps Nicaragua. He was displeased I did not give him a heads up but has been spectacular about sharing stories, advice, and all sorts of excitement. This is a great common trait of my colleagues who are Returned Peace Corps volunteers, as Stephanie jumped in with a similar response!

Classes went over well, then it was onto a farewell event at work since many people take the last two weeks off. It still doesn’t feel completely real, and considering many people are often off the rest of the year, farewells felt like the norm versus longer term. That’ll most likely change come my last day on Tuesday!

Friday evening and Saturday were all sorts of packing…that type of packing where eventually you make boxes and throw all the random things in that you can’t find a place for…reorganizing is going to be like a treasure hunt.

Sunday morning: moving day. Drop off a few more bags to Goodwill, pick up treats for moving helpers, call the police to tow a car in one of the reserved spots (ugh, felt so bad), and moving begins! How does one move in three hours with a 45 minute drive in the middle?

First: arrange an enthusiastic, spectacular group of people. Check.


Second: spend a full day packing and wake up early morning of to make a few more boxes with all the random things without a home. Check.

Third: encourage people to eat, move boxes and furniture, and clean simultaneously. Check.

Fourth: drive, unload, eat lots of food my parent’s generously helped set up. Check.

And now onto two more days of work, prepping for Christmas, Christmas, then unpacking and reorganizing everything I packed so I am not completely taking over my parent’s basement for 28 months.

Ready, set, go!



Just the Beginning…


Welcome to post #1 of what will hopefully be a regular blog. For those of you who don’t know me or my story, the short of it is that I’m Michelle, a soon to be PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer, get excited for all sorts of acronyms.) I will be serving in Colombia in the education division from January 2016-April 2018. You can learn more about me and my reasoning for joining Peace Corps above!

Since the start of my application process, I have searched for, found, and been happy to read other PCVs blogs. Due to this, I decided to start a blog to keep a record of my service, give updates for family and friends back home, connect with other PCVs (past, present, and future), and provide a glimpse into life in Colombia from my perspective. The title of this blog, Estoy Capaz! means “I am capable.” It started as a common phrase that would pop up in Duolingo (this and the more negative “no estoy capaz/no eres capaz”) Then it kind of became a positive mantra.

There is a month to go before staging, which is when all 34 in my cohort (so excited to meet everyone!) will come together in Miami to officially meet, sign papers, and start our PCV adventures. The next day we all fly to Colombia. Until then, I will be finishing work, grad school classes, moving, packing, organizing, and trying to see all the wonderful people I can before departure.

Get excited friends, the journey is just beginning…