Why Peace Corps?

This is a very common question…why Peace Corps? Depending on who is asking and how they feel, that question could be followed by a !, ?, !!!!, or ?!?!?!

For me, Peace Corps is something I have thought about since nearing the end of my AmeriCorps service in 2009. I started thinking of more seriously after coming back from Uganda in the end of 2013, where I had a chance to work with teachers at a primary school and meet a PCV in country. I also have friends who are RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) and got to hear their stories, which encouraged me more.

I respect Peace Corps as an organization. The focus is on integrating into a community, sharing knowledge, and learning from each other. As part of the education field, I see Peace Corps as part of my education, a chance to further my personal and professional goals. It’s a unique opportunity to learn, teach, collaborate, and expand my perspective and understanding of the world. I will also (fingers crossed) finally learn Spanish!