Y ya!

Well, as of Friday, the paro is officially over!

5 weeks of school. Lots of negations. Finally, an agreement was made that involved additional support and resources for teachers, salary increases, and more. There has been some confusion as to when school resumes, but latest I’ve heard is we go back after vacation, which for my department (state) would be July 4th. Decisions have not been made to determine how students will be able to make up the missed time in order to meet the hours needed to move to the next grade. I’m sure you can imagine our 11th graders, who are supposed to be graduating this year, are particularly anxious about this. We’ll just have to leave those choices to the pros. Until then, the teachers get a bit of a break and we’ll be ready to rock come July!


But where did all the classes go?


Qué pena. It’s been a month. What’s been going on in the past month? Actually, all public school teachers in Colombia have been on strike. No classes since May 11th. You think I’d have more time to update, but with Camp GLOW coming up, community classes, conferences, mochila orders, and I’m not entirely sure what else, I haven’t. Hope your month has been full of adventures as well!

This has been an extremely long strike. It’s been eye-opening. Many people ask me if there is any news or updates and I turn around and ask anyone I can as well. All of us want news of what will happen and who will finally make a move that goes over well. There are constant meetings for the teachers, marches, demonstrations, and meetings with the union and the government.

Why the strike? From what I’ve learned, there are salary discrepancies, a lack of funds for resources, and major issues with health care. Through all this, negations are going on, but neither side has been pleased by the outcome enough to go with it. There’s talk about how they will make up what has been missed in the school year, if they will take away vacations, extend further into December (the school year is January to December), or if all students will have to repeat the year.  Here’s hoping an agreement can be met soon!