The Birthday Edition

My host family has talked about my birthday for about a month leading up to it. There was going to be music, dancing, and a piscina (pool) of soup for everyone to enjoy. I labeled the pot they use for birthday soup a piscina because it takes up most of the stovetop. I tried to get a picture to help compare the size…it doesn’t do it justice. In the end, we had a lasagna type dish from one of the nearby departmentos. It was delicious.

My birthday being on a Saturday meant I could sleep in. However, at 6:15am I was woken up to knocking on my door and the traditional birthday songs they play. It was very sweet, and luckily it wasn’t as loud as it could have been. We clapped, sang, and went back to bed.

After waking up for the second time, my host mom started making desert for that evening. She had my help mixing and the help of my neighbors and host nephew in cleaning up. They’re very thoughtful like that. It came out real pretty.

I popped over to the internet spot in town with Angell and Dylan, where a youth program came in with popcorn. They made holders and put in popcorn covered with honey. They did a survey after which we were more than happy to respond to. Youth development and treats…winning combination!


This day also happened to be our second community clean up day. We had a good turn out, cleaned the other park in town, and ran a mini workshop with a group of teens in a youth program interested in taking on the project once we leave. We are having them help us prep for the final one so they can get a feel for what it takes to set up a clean up day.

We headed home where my host family was determined I spiff up. The sweaty post-limpieza look was not acceptable it seems. The neighbors pulled out the giant speakers and we had music, food, torta, dancing, chatting, and lots of fun. Here are some highlights of some great people:

I might have asked for the music to be turned down after midnight…my neighbors could have gone all night!

Want some s’mores?…

The second goal of Peace Corps is “to help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served.” Angell decided s’mores were an important American tradition to share and obviously we all agreed full-heartedly.

This did however mean creating a fire in her backyard (in a grill people) in 90 degree weather. We just can’t get enough of the heat here!

Regardless, it was a hit. Here are some blurry-ish pictures to prove it: