Volunteer Site Visit


At the end of Week 2, all aspirates were sent to visit with a current volunteer from the CII-6 group. Bryce and I were paired up to visit Erick, who lives in a very small pueblo in Atlantico. We left on Sunday and returned Monday. It was a very quick visit, but it was great to have time to relax and ask Erick a million questions as they came up. We also got to meet a lot of people in his pueblo and spend some time in the school he works at. Erick is a rock star in his pueblo. It was Festival and Carnival time, so school was pretty quiet. We were able to meet the teacher Erick works with and encourage some ninth graders to ask introductory questions in English. It was a fun trip complete with bucket baths, origami frogs, and a whole lot of knowledge passed on.

Thanks for hosting Erick!

One thought on “Volunteer Site Visit

  1. It’s wonderful to read your stories. It sounds like you have been placed with a great family. The kitten is adorable! Thanks for sharing your adventure.-Chris


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